Corporate Zumba Classes by Fabilas Fitness

The Leading Corporate Wellness Program

Fabilas Fitness provides fun and engaging Zumba Classes for your corporate needs. It creates a perfect environment to bond with your co-workers in a non-stressful environment while keeping fit!
Research has shown that organizations and employers with some form of corporate wellness program can gain the following benefits:
  • Save more than 10%  every year in work-associated and health-related costs.
  • Lessen absenteeism
  • Lower attrition levels
In short, happy and healthy employees result in improved productivity and savings for the company.

Why Zumba?

Zumba should be your number one choice in corporate wellness programs. Regular Zumba workouts will  assist your employees or fellow workers to get fit and healthy, have fun as well as foster a productive and positive work environment.
The main objective of Zumba as a corporate wellness program is to encourage a healthy workplace setting wherein employees can dance their stress away. Zumba classes are invigorating, fun and lively, but beware, they are also highly addictive! Before you know it, your workers will be hooked!

What do we offer?

Fabilas Fitness can bring Zumba classes into your company at any time and day. Be it a midday break, end-of-business-day session or a quarterly business event at the venue of your choice.

We offer Zumba Workouts for  :

  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Company Events and Workshops
  • Product Launch
  • Team Building
  • Colleagues Bonding Sessions

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