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"I walked into my first Zumba fitness with Fabila class in February 2012. I had no idea what to expect but I was at a point in my life where I needed to imbibe some form of weekly fitness routine. I came in with a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness to find out what Zumba fitness was all about and how it would benefit me and my body positively. Since I walked into my first class, I have never looked back. At first, the dance moves seemed complicated and I was always out of breath but consistency has made me master the dance routines while improving my fitness level. 

Zumba fitness is fun and intense. This means that time passes by quickly because you are having fun and at the same time burning loads of calories.I have reached my ideal weight and size and have maintained it ever since. I don't fall ill as often as I used to and I have a lot more energy now. I eat what I want but in measured portions so I don't deprive myself of the good foods in life.  Zumba fitness is a big part of my life now, and I'm happy with the results. Fabila also keeps her routines fresh which keeps me motivated and challenged My advice to anyone who is considering Zumba fitness with Fabila is that determination and consistency is key to losing weight. You have to find time in your life for fitness and it doesn't hurt that you have fun while doing it!"


"A friend saw me a year ago and exclaimed "Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!" ----- This was news that ordinarily would make any woman happy, unfortunately, I wasn't pregnant & her congratulatory message made one thing clear---- I needed to lose weight & get back in shape ASAP... To this end, I took matters into my hands & registered with Swan Lake Zumba dance class--- I had heard about the fitness class from a cousin who looked amazing just after 3 months of active attendance & I felt I needed something that would make workouts fun & have the desired effect of weight loss....
I believe that was one of the best decisions I made over a year ago---- The dance class is fun & more, the dance instructor is innovative and inspiring and the dance moves are amazing & tone every part of the body.... Today, I love the way I look & cant imagine not having any Zumba dance class in a week... I would recommend it in a heart beat to anyone who desires to look good & have fun doing it!"


"I have been attending zumba classes for nearly two years. It is a fun way to exercise and work up a good sweat. It is not tedious because you are having fun. You almost forget that you are actually working out. I work up a good sweat and voila before I know it 50 minutes of exercise feels like 15 minutes! The music is great and the routines are constantly changing. If you commit to it at least 3 times a week, I dare say you will stay crazily fit and all those love handles and wobbly bits will simply melt away. Would certainly recommend it!"


"The best part of Zumba fitness for me is that I get to lose weight stay fit and also have fun while at it because I love to dance. Prior to my joining the Zumba classes with Fabila, I always had back aches because the nature of my job requires me to sit for long hours. At the close of work each day, I arrive home with aches and pains from the discomfort of sitting long hours and driving long hours in traffic.

I now attend the Zumba classes with Fabila at least twice a week and have been consistent for a year. The back aches are gone, and the classes have really helped me lose some weight, I look and feel healthy, I feel light and flexible as well and I'm definitely no longer afraid to put on those sexy beautiful dinner gowns my hubby loves! I can now ROCK those dresses thanks to Zumba. Fitness, good health, looking good is what every woman’s desire. It’s your choice and all you need do is make up your mind, be consistent and have fun while at it."

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