I am quite certain that many of us have bad standing or sitting postures. If your job requires that you sit in front of the desktop all day, you most likely would be hunched for 80% of the day. This could cause pains in the lower back, hip, shoulder, knee and ankle or many other discomforts including poor breathing and low energy. This was me when I was working at my law firm. Back aches, shoulder aches and neck strains were no strangers to me, coupled with knee aches. I look back now and see why I was moody most of the day. Who would be cheerful with all of those aches!

If you’ve ever attended a ballet class or etiquette class or elementary school, the emphasis of good posture would be a cliché to you. Good posture not only enhances the way you look but the way your body feels. Good posture promotes a strong and stable spinal column and can help prevent the deterioration of the vital muscles and ligaments that keep you balanced and flexible. Lower back aches is a common consequence of poor posture.

Good posture is a must while exercising or dancing. While instructing my classes (dance or fitness), I always draw my students’ attention to proper posture, especially during squats or lunges. I often am ignored by some, whom I believe do not know the dangers of poor posture. Poor posture during exercise could lead to injuries or even worse, dislocation of the bones.

Let’s examine the images below:

bad posture

good posture

bad posture

good posture

You would observe that the back should be as straight as possible while performing squats or lunges, your knees should not go beyond your toes.  If you are not sure of the proper posture when attending group fitness classes, it is important to observe your instructor’s body posture, and listen to the instructor’s advice. If you are not sure how to perform a particular act, please ask your instructor! I am always happy to show my students proper technique.

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