I often get asked by guys whether fitness programmes like zumba can help build their muscles, and I always respond by asking “How much?” Zumba won’t make you look like this… 

but it would get you toned so you don’t look like this --------------------->

Zumba although mainly targeted at improving your cardiovascular fitness, also incorporates other components of fitness. If you are looking to build muscles like the man in image 1, then in addition to cardiovascular fitness, you should add resistance training. Resistance training, also known as strength or weight training is well established as an effective method of exercise for developing muscular fitness. 

6 muscle building exercises you could try out: 

Bench Press: Targets your pectorals (chest) muscles, shoulders and triceps.. Movement: The bar is raised slowly upward and then downward towards your chest. 

Flys: Targets your pectorals and shoulders. Movement: both arms extend simultaneously sideways and then upwards. 

Triceps dip: like the name suggest, it mainly builds your triceps. That is the upper part of your back arm. (the “christian mother” section). There are many variations to this exercise.

Bent Over Rows: mainly targets the middle back section, also targets the biceps and shoulders. Be careful not to crack your back, by maintaining proper posture.

Chin Ups: mainly targets the Lats (short for Latissimus dorsi). This muscle is found at on each side of your body in the middle back and lower back region. The main functions of the lats are to adduct and extend the shoulders. Chin ups also work the biceps. 

Barbell Squats: mainly targets the quadriceps muscles. That is the upper-front part of your legs. It also works the gluteus (muscles forming the buttocks), calves and hamstrings. 

Always remember to pay attention to proper technique when performing any exercise. If you are a beginner, it is best to ask for assistance. 

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