I remember a colleague of mine who was always out of ideas on what to do with her kids over the weekend. When we resumed work on Monday, I would ask and it was always the same activity, “I took them to KFC” or some other fast-food or restaurant.

It seems the only fun people know these days is dining out. Most parents residing anywhere in Nigeria would blame the Nigerian society. While it is understandable, it is not an excuse. Most Nigerians live in massive compounds. Someone may be reading this and saying “I don’t live in a massive compound.” But trust me, when you see the spaces available to UK residents, you’ll agree with me that even the “Face me-I face you” occupants have bigger spaces.

Put your space to use. Rather than let the kids sit in front of the TV all weekend, or playing games on the computer, have family games in the compound. For a few hours dad forget the business contract, mum forget the..., take the kids out! Families are breaking up every day because parents aren't spending time with the kids; kids have to go elsewhere to find playmates. Be your child’s first playmate! Children really just need love and attention and you’ll be shocked what 30 minutes of playtime with them could do for your home. I remember as a child, I would sit on my dad’s leg and he would lift me up, I used to call it “see-saw”. Unknown to me he was using me to work his legs but I loved it so much. But of course, as I grew bigger, I got too heavy for that, but I still remember doing other sports with my parents.

Some fun ideas with your kids:

  • Compete in a race with them. Could be from the door to the gate, etc.
  • Soccer: This would get you running and great for your cardiovascular health.
  • Do home fitness videos together
  • Go swimming as a family. You could invite a few others families and play games in the pool. I remember we used to play “toss the ball” and “find the coin”.
  • Let the maid have a break! do some house chores together. Mum, Daisy is turning eleven and she can't lay a bed! It's time to fire the maid and hire the kids!
I am sure there are so many other fun physical activities for the family. If you have any additional ideas, please share.

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