Whenever I see couples taking walks together or attending the gym together, I’m always pleased. Exercise is an excellent way of spending time with your spouse. More importantly, when both spouses are fitness conscious, they both motivate the other to stay fit. I’ve discovered that most of my dedicated clients who are married are dedicated because of encouragement from their spouse. While some who before marriage were dedicated became strangers to the gym after they got married. I see them three months later, and the body which they trained so hard to tone is all flabby.

Next time you run out of ideas, don’t hit the restaurants, you did that last Friday, you could:
  • Go swimming with your spouse. After a few laps, you could both cuddle in the pool *wink*
  •  Go on walks/jogs. While it is understandable that the roads in Nigeria do not encourage one to walk, it’s not an excuse. You could both drive to a nearby estate and walk around.
  • Register at the gym and attend together.
  •  Do home fitness videos together.
  • To my Nigerian couples, get over the "oga/madam syndrome" and do some house chores together. You could save yourself from arthritis, coronary heart disease and other hypo-kinetic diseases.
I am sure there are so many other fun physical activities you could do with your spouse. If you have any additional ideas, please share, you never know your idea may just help reignite the passion in a home.

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