I’ve discovered that most people arrive at the gym with no goals. Ask 80% of gym users why they are there and you’ll probably hear “I just want to lose weight.”  When you arrive the gym with no goals, you’ll most likely end up over-working areas of your body which need less workout and ignoring those areas which need the workout.

Let’s take Sharon for example, Sharon comes to the gym with a protruding tummy and saggy thighs, but toned arms. She spends 70% of her time at the gym lifting dumbbells. She refuses to participate in any other resistance training, e.g. abdominal crunches. After six months, she makes a complaint “I’ve been working out for six months, yet my tummy’s getting bigger.”

Does this sound like you?

If you’ve been a regular at the gym with no results yielded, you may need to set goals:

  • What part of your body are you looking to train?
  • When would you like to see results? Remember to set realistic target dates.
It is always best to discuss your goals with your fitness instructor before you begin a training programme. That way he/she is able to recommend the best training programme for you. If you are looking to get toned arms, abs, or legs, try any resistance training exercise, for flexibility, try stretching exercises, e.t.c.

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