It is the process of loosening your hair texture up with a chemical that allows you still have some texture in your hair instead of having bone straight hair. Hence the name texlaxing.

Who is TEXLAXING for?
People with fine hair who want fuller hair, people who get burns easily because of relaxers or have adverse reactions to relaxers due to the length of time involved in relaxing hair, people trying to transition to natural hair without doing a big chop or wanting to deal with two extreme textures.

How do you achieve texlaxed hair? 
The best way to achieve texlaxed hair is with a texturizer or lye relaxer. A texturizer is made specifically to simply loosen your hair texture without straightening it completely. Lye relaxers are also recommended if you cannot find a texturizer because lye relaxers contain sodium hydroxide which has a higher ph level than no lye relaxers thereby ensuring a quicker but less damaging relaxing process on your hair.

After you decide what chemical you will be using to texturize your hair, during the texturizer process you must; 

keep your eyes on the clock and ensure that you either follow the time recommended on the box if you are using a texturizer or you cut down the time you spend when you do a normal relaxer by half if you are using a lye relaxer. So say if you spent 30 minutes normally when you were relaxing bone straight, cut down that time to 15 minutes for texturizing and this time includes prepping your hair, sectioning, application of the texturizer and smoothing it out.

Any challenges? You must be aware of your two textures especially if you had bone straight hair before because managing the two sections can be a challenge mostly if you start out treating your hair like you have uniform strands. Detangling properly ; gently and regularly is the key to overcoming the tangles and snags that two textures can create.

When your new growth grows out, it will blend better with the texturized parts and the straighter parts might be left looking scraggly. To avoid this, gradually give your ends trims each time you texturize till you get the bone straight ends out(That is if you want to maintain texlaxed hair).

Dont be tempted to correct texturized hair if you get your hair textlaxed and you do not like the results( correcting means getting another chemical relaxer/texturizer before your hair is due with the aim of getting the desired result you expected when you got the earlier treatment). Wait for your new growth to grow out instead, there is nothing as bad as overlapping chemically treated hair! It leads to dryness, brittleness and split ends!

Any advantages? Yes texturizing has many advantages if done properly! first, your bone straight hair will grow out and the texlaxed hair which is usually fuller takes over.
Texlaxing can prevent you from suffering from the adverse effects of burns and sores that relaxing sometimes causes especially for ladies with sensitive scalps.
keeping more of your natural texture makes your hair less likely to break or dry out because your hair shaft has not been as broken down as when you get a relaxer. 
Styling texlaxed hair can feel more rewarding because your hair will have more body and can be manipulated to make elaborate styles.

As for me I have always had texlaxed hair without meaning to because my hair hardly ever takes to relaxers except for silk elements but I am thinking I will start purposeful texlaxing from my next touch up and see how it goes. 

Contributed by Dabs of NHCG...for more hair tips follow Dabs on http://naijahaircangrow.blogspot.com

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