I have received numerous calls from prospective clients enquiring about what to wear to a zumba fitness class. This led to me to write on this as I believe there are many others who are asking the same question.

A zumba fitness class is a dance workout inspired by Latin dance genres. You could wear your regular gym outfit to participate in the class, or any other comfortable clothing that would not restrict your movements. In my zumba class, you would sweat a lot, so make sure you wear clothes that you do not mind sweating in.
On your feet, make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Some of my clients, who attended class wearing uncomfortable shoes, end up taking off their shoes during the work out. Having to workout with bare feet can consequently cause discomforts and ruin your purpose for attending the class.

I usually tell people that the most important thing to wear is enthusiasm. Attending any fitness programme with the right attitude helps you get through the work out more easily than if you came in with an I-can’t-do-it attitude.

For all those who have called in and emailed on this topic, I hope this helps.

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