You’ve probably promised to slap the next person who suggests that you exercise. You know the benefits of exercising. You know it prevents the likelihood of developing heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. You know it promotes better sleep and boosts your mood. You also know that you would maintain a good shape and look great. What then are you waiting for? What’s your excuse?

I’m very busy Fabila, I have work, family, etc.
Are you in this category? We all are busy but everyone finds time for what’s important. I’m sure you would not leave your kids in school because you are too busy, even if you pick them late, you must pick them up. If your health is important to you, then you would definitely find time to attend to it. Exercising does not have to be done in a gym, or at a specific time. You could find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily activities. Read my articles “Housework, Your Affordable Way Fitness” and “Office Fitness: Exercise Right At Your Desk”. You can turn your house chores into workouts; at work you could take the stairs instead of the elevators. Instead of going to the movies all the time, you could try swimming or salsa dancing with colleagues after work.

I’m soooo tired! After a hectic day, all I want to do is collapse on the bed!
Studies show that exercise boosts your energy levels. It may sound contrary to what you think, but I can confirm it. When I started instructing zumba classes, I was also working in a law firm. There were lots of times when I felt like sending email outs to cancel the class because I was simply tired and could not imagine instructing a class. After about ten minutes into the workout, I would suddenly feel revived again and I discovered that I felt more energized at the end of the class than I did in the beginning.

9:00AM! I’ll be snoozing at that time!
I usually get this excuse from client’s who can’t make my morning sessions. First of all, if exercising is important to you, you’ll make it priority. Secondly, there are benefits of exercising in the morning. Morning exercise helps your brain focus and raises your energy level. It can also help start metabolic functions such as triggering hormone releases that affect your appetite, blood pressure, sleep-wake cycle and temperature.

I’m the fattest person in the gym!
Believe it or not but a client has told me this, I thought she was being funny, but, she never returned to the gym after that. This is more likely a case of low self-esteem which is never healthy. If this has been your excuse for not exercising, then please hire a personal trainer to workout with you in the privacy of your home, then you can head to the gym when you’ve attained your desired size. Although, I don’t believe this should be a reason to quit the gym, I’m pretty sure being the fattest person would not prevent you from ordering KFC’s bucket chicken or from going to work, so why should it prevent you from coming to the gym!

Exercise is just too boring! Gosh!
There are so many ways one can exercise. I’m pretty sure there is something for everyone. If you like interacting with people, try group exercises instead of the treadmill. If you are an outdoor person, find an outdoor sporting activity that interests you. Shop around for an activity that works for you, don’t go jogging because everyone in the neighborhood is.

Gym membership fees is way above my budget
As mentioned earlier, you do not need a gym to exercise. There are many activities you could do outside a gym, walking, running, swimming, football, etc. If you really want to work-out in a gym, then watch out for discounts and take advantage of them. 

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