Meet Lokya, wife and mother of 2 beautiful children. Lokya walked into her first Zumba class in March 2012, ever since then, she has taking her fitness life more seriously. Most of all she has witnessed tremendous results. Lokya is also in full-time employment, yet, she is able to effectively manage work, family, and exercise. I asked Patience a few questions and I hope her answers would be an inspiration to you. 

1. What was your dress size before joining my Zumba classes? 

Can't believe I am using past tense, I was a UK size 18.

2. What is your current dress size? 

I am a UK size 14 and I’m very happy to say I can fit into some UK size 12 clothes *wide grin*. 

3. Wow! You must have bought a new wardrobe 

LOL...Yes I did 

4. Besides your weight loss, did you achieve anything else from my Zumba classes? 

Yeah! apart from weight loss I feel better and lighter generally. Healthy is the word. The back aches from sitting long hours at work stopped. 

5. What's your eating habit like? 

I eat healthy now; I don't just throw anything I see into my mouth. I drink lots of water; I eat lots of vegetables and fruits. I no longer take soft drinks or eat food made with ingredients I don't know. No more red meat, strictly fish and white meat e.g chicken without the skin. Most importantly, I eat things that will help bowel movement. Detoxification is key for me. 

6. Do you have any advice for others looking to lose weight? 

If I could do it then you can. Just make up your mind and while at it let go and have fun. 


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