Do your triceps jingle when you wave good-bye? 

Michelle Obama is not only notable for being the first black “first lady” of America, or for her classy clothes, she is also notable for her toned arms. Oh yes! “The Michelle Obama arms”. I just love them. Your arms play a major role in your overall physical appearance. For example, you could be a UK size 12 but have fat saggy arms. People looking at you would assume you are much bigger. This is why most women would not take a side-view picture of their arms, so they can hide all the mess. 

Toning your arms has other benefits, besides you looking good in sleeveless clothes. In toning your arm, you would have to work your upper body. A strong upper body improves bone density and muscle strength. By strengthening your arms, you increase your capacity to lift heavy items using your arms instead of your back, thereby reducing strain and injury to the back. 

Good news is you do not need to invest much in toning your arms. Better news is the arms, unlike the tummy, responds to exercise more quickly. I won’t give you any timelines as we all have different body types, but, I am pretty sure that adding the following exercises to your current workout would tone those arms. Good thing is these exercises can be done anywhere, but remember consistency is key!

Biceps Curls: There are many variations of the bicep curls. It can be done sitting or standing. You would also need a set of dumbbells or barbell. If you do not have either one, you could look around the house for a 2kg bottle of water, or any other suitable weighted item. Note that the heavier the weight, the more effective the workout. However, if you are a beginner, it is best to start off small. 

Triceps Dips: Most people tend to work only the biceps and ignore the triceps. The triceps muscles are located at the upper-back of the arm. That is the section, if not toned, that would jingle when you wave a good-bye, or wave a hallelujah in church.

Press-Ups: Good old press-ups would help tone the arms. There are many variations to it. Try it on one hand, one leg, and using dumbbells. 

Swimming: swimming is a good cardiovascular exercise. If done regularly, it would help tone your arms. So If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool at home, please use it. Many times those who are privileged to have certain things don’t use it. If you do not have one at home, visit a recreational club.

Tennis: I had not seen a friend for a while, when I eventually saw him, his arms were so toned that I had to ask whether he had been lifting weights. I was shocked when he said he hadn't but had been playing tennis regularly. If you enjoy tennis as a sport, then take a trip to the court. 

Zumba Fitness: There are lots of arm movements in zumba I incorporate a lot into my routines and I have clients who came in with undefined arms but now can boast of toned arms. Don’t believe me! Attend my classes! 

There are so many other sporting activities that would get you results, find one that you would enjoy.


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