You may have seen this topic and wondered why anyone would want to gain weight. There are some people who find it difficult to gain weight, but, lose, very easily, little weight gained. (Read my article on body types to understand your body type and why you may lose or gain weight more easily).While some people are happy to be skinny, I have met some others who wished they could add a few pounds in the right places. If you are you underweight, or skinny, and looking to gain weight, then this article is for you.

I have had an underweight problem at some point. I had just increased my exercise classes to thrice a week, I was walking at least 30 minutes every day, had a full-time office job, and I was still eating very little portions. I actually loved the way I looked, but people kept telling me I looked sick, plus, I felt a little light headed sometimes, so, I decided I was going to put on some weight. I had dropped to a UK size 6 and my target was to get back to a UK size 10. I was able to achieve my target size in a few months. What did I do to achieve this?

Rest: I had to train myself to rest. I discovered I was not sleeping well. I continued my daily routine, but I had to reduce my energy level, I made a conscious effort to cut off unnecessary stressful physical activities. If you are looking to gain weight, you definitely would want to reduce how much time you spend on high intensity exercises. You should include to your workout more muscle building and flexibility training. To build muscle mass; you should add a fair share of proteins in your diet.

Eating: I increased my food portions. I also changed my diet and consumed foods high in calories, of course, my vegetable and fruit intake were maintained. I also treated myself to some chocolates, cakes and ice-cream over the weekend. Generally, I maintained a balanced and nutritious diet. Don’t get fooled into consuming junk food carelessly, you could end up putting on weight in the wrong areas, e.g., your tummy.

Mental Stress: I discovered that mental stress could lead to weight loss. I had to make a conscious effort to let go off things beyond my control, keep a cheerful heart and be anxious for nothing. We know you have lots of bills to pay, responsibilities to meet, unfulfilled expectations, plus, the world is generally stressful these days, but, I am sure you can find a reason to be happy and rest your mind once in a while.

My diet during my gain-weight period looked like this:

Breakfast: Beans (black-eyed), tomato stew, boiled chicken, and vegetables

Lunch: Wheat/Amala and Soup (Egusi, Vegetable or any other delicious soup) with fish. 

Dinner: Boiled plantains/potatoes/yams, tomato stew and vegetables, or one packet of indomie noodles with vegetables.

Note: My beans was cooked with no palm oil, and vegetables I had were cucumbers (1), tomatoes (2), green peppers (1) and sometimes lettuce.

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