Eye hygiene is very important. Dirty contact lenses can cause serious eye infections so cleaning them properly is important. I remember visiting a friend who uses fashion contact lenses. She had them sterilizing in the case, but had the case opened and I could see dirt floating in the solution. I have even heard of people sharing contact lenses! Poor contact lens hygiene can put you at risk for developing corneal ulcers, corneal abrasions and other eye infections. 

Here are few things to keep in mind.

Always wash your hands before handling your contact lens. 

Sterilize your contact lenses using the proper solutions. For fashion contact lens, you could try using solo care, for prescribed contact lenses, Bausch & Lomb have good solutions. 

Avoid sleeping with your contact lenses. 

Do not use your contact lens if you notice redness in the eye, itching or soreness.

Keep your contact lens case clean. Most manufacturers include a free case with each solution pack, so you can afford to change the case as often as you buy a solution. 

Do not instil eye-drops while wearing your contact lenses.

Try to rest the eyes once in a while. For example, if you wear your contact lenses all day, wear your glasses while at home in the evenings. This also gives you an opportunity to sterilize the contact lenses.

Do not use your contact lens longer than is prescribed. For example, if your contact lenses are daily disposables, do not wear them for a month.

Should your contact lenses become uncomfortable to wear, take them out. Signs of discomfort include, itching, sandy feeling, tearing and redness, etc.

Once there is a tear in your contact lens, dispose of it.

Sometimes you may not wear your contact lens for a week. Regardless, you should change the solution, probably every two days.

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