I usually shake my head when I hear people say “Zumba fitness” does not work. I did not create the program, but I can testify that it works. Before starting a career as a Zumba instructor, I stayed fit by taking weekly Zumba classes. I believe it is ignorant for anyone to talk down on a fitness programme. I, for example, hate Taebo, Kickboxing, or Steps, but that does not mean they don’t work. I just do not like them. I love dancing and anything that involves dance would naturally appeal to me. Do not make others hate a fitness program, just because it doesn't suit your personal style. Choose yours and let others choose theirs! 

Eight small meals and a Zumba class a day got Shakira in shape. The singer revealed how eating a diet of eight small meals a day and doing plenty of Zumba got her back in shape seven months after giving birth. Speaking to Self magazine, the singer refreshingly confessed, that it took daily Zumba lessons and eating a healthy diet that has got her back in shape. Shakira did Zumba throughout her pregnancy, that helped her not gain too much weight,’ After the birth of her son, she went on to do Zumba four or five mornings a week and even trained with its creator and CEO, Beto Perez. Along with her training, Shakira had eight small meals a day, each under 250 calories, which were high in protein, calcium, iron, and fish oil.

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