Happy Independence Day Nigeria!!! Many may say there is not much to be happy about in the country, but, I disagree. Nigeria is a beautiful country, with beautiful people. For my independence day special, I would begin a new section of my blog termed "Gym Guide Nigeria". This section is to help anyone looking for a gym to subscribe to in Nigeria. I would focus mainly on Lagos, Nigeria, but would occasionally look at other States in the country. My first stop is a gym located on Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, Opposite the 1004 Housing Estate. It is called Proflex World Class Gym and Fitness Centre, popularly known as "Proflex".

May I emphasize on the words "World Class". When I see Nigerian businesses use those words, I am always scared to go because it most times does not match up. This is not the case for this gym. The first time I entered Proflex, I wanted to workout. The gym has quite a number of equipment for those who are keen on them, so no queing up to use the treadmill! If not, the gym offers a variety of studio classes. There is good parking space, which is usually a problem for most Nigerian businesses. The membership rates may or may not make your jaws drop, but remember, good standards comes with a price. The changing rooms are always clean and tidy, the toilets as well. So, if you are a morning person and would like to head to work from the gym, you can have a clean shower at the gym. For swimmers, unfortunately, there is no swimming pool

In general, I would recommend this gym to anyone looking for a great workout experience. Did I mention that there is a restaurant nearby, so if you would like to grab a bite after your workout, you can head to the restaurant "Cactus". 

Here are a few "real" pictures of Proflex gym, obtained from its Facebook page. There is nothing more annoying than a business using downloaded pictures to advertise itself, only for you to get there and realize it was all a sham. 

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