I have been reading lots of nutrition books lately and I must say I respect my body a lot now. I am more careful about what I throw in my mouth and I have doubled my vegetable and fruit intake. One thing I have noticed with many people, especially those of us who exercise a lot, we tend to think that exercise is an excuse to eat junk. You are wrong if you think so. Your diet is just as important and you cannot cheat for too long. A bad diet will surely tell on you. 

One of my holiday project is to make as many smoothie recipes as I can and this is one of them. I call it "Banich" and you'll know why in a minute. I used four ingredients: a handful of spinach, 1 large cucumber, 4 small bananas and 1/2 of a small pineapple. I had this early in the morning and it was absolutely delicious. It also helped with bowel movement.  I definitely would be trying this again.

To prepare, rinse the ingredients, chop them into small pieces and blend them one after the other. I started with the spinach, then bananas, pineapple and I added the cucumbers last. I also blended my cucumbers with the skin and seed, but you may opt to take these off.

Have fun and please share your smoothie recipe.

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