I was quite adventurous this year with my workout routine. I added bikram yoga, belly dancing and Burlesque to my list and I enjoyed all of them, especially the physical benefits. My first few weeks of belly dance training left the mid-section of my body in pain.
You would think with all the crunches I did daily, that would not be the case. Bellydancing is both a relaxing and enlivening dance that can help tone the body and improve body confidence. As with general dance, Belly dance is great for burning calories and toning muscles. Unlike a standard gym equipment workout, dance also work on balance, coordination, and flexibility. These forms of conditioning are essential to creating better body awareness, improving posture, and preventing injury. Belly dance emphasizes fine articulation of the core, pelvis, and gluteal muscle groups. These are stimulated in several ways. Movements like shimmies utilize a rapid contraction and release mechanism, while circles and eights tend to elongate and strengthen muscles simultaneously. Here is a short clip of my practice session.

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