Ihave a few more holiday days, and so far I have enjoyed my smoothie challenge. I think I am going to keep this challenge and make it a lifestyle of one smoothie a day. I was having some guests over for Christmas and wondered what I could offer them. I wanted something sweet as they were coming over with young children. I had excess bananas as nearly everyone who visited this holiday came with a bunch of bananas, and I also had some strawberries. Fantastic, I thought, this would be perfect for a strawberry and banana smoothie. I have read quite a number of articles which highly recommend the strawberry-banana smoothie combination. This great tasting smoothie is packed full of nutrition. It’s especially high in fiber, vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants.

Bananas supply fiber, which protects bowel health and helps regulate digestion. The amount of potassium in bananas also make them a good fruit to eat to decrease your risk of kidney stones. Strawberries promote good eyesight and decrease symptoms of arthritis, thanks to the high volume of antioxidants. This smoothie combination also comes highly recommended for pregnant women as its folate content helps ward off birth defects of the spine. I added other fruits to my combination for an extra dose of goodness.

Ingredients(serves 6)

6 Strawberries
3 bananas
2 red apples
3 plums
¼ cup of milk (you may substitute with organic yoghurt)

Deseed apples and plums. Chop and place all ingredients into a blender, add milk and blend.

How do you enjoy your strawberry-banana smoothie?

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