Comparison is something we all do. We compare our lives, achievement, spouses, children, etc. As the saying goes Comparison breeds Discontentment. Sadly, we also compare our fitness progress to others as well. I know a certain lady, an ex-client of mine who would hop on to the next fitness trend and never seeing through any particular workout program. It is quite obvious that we live in a get-it-now era and many have applied this principle to every aspect of life including their approach to fitness. I say it over and over again,
I have maintained my weight with basically two fitness programs: Zumba Fitness and Barre Fitness. I do these workouts on a weekly basis. Occasionally, I would try out other fitness trends, but you definitely would not see me do Zumba on monday, Taebo Tuesday, Insanity Wednesday, HIIT Thursday and Step Friday on a regular basis!!! 

The mistake many people make is first of all not understanding their body. You need to know what works for you and what would work for you in the long run. If you honestly know that you cannot keep up with Insanity Workout 6 times a week for the rest of your life, then you should find a program that you can maintain. An old friend of mine called me last month and was lamenting about how she had lost weight rapidly through Insanity, but then stopped because it was too tedious for her to make a lifestyle. Sadly, she put on all the weight previously lost. I have discovered through myself and my committed clients, that its not the variety of workouts that matter, but your commitment and consistency in whatever workout program you choose, Heck! I know people whose only form of exercise is Pilates and they are as fit and even more toned than someone lifting weights five times a week. If you do not enjoy your workout, then you cannot maintain it. I cannot imagine myself lasting a week with Step, but I know people who love it!

Another mistake is by Fitpros themselves. You had a major success with one client and then you try to use the same format on another client and it doesn't work. The client is miserable and you are furious as your career is on the line. Well try another format! I have studied the progress of my committed clients and see that they all have different results. Some of them are more toned on the arms than the other, some others have achieved flatter stomachs than the other while some others have built more stamina and strength than the others. Same workout program, different people, different results. 

The final mistake I have noticed again is from Fitpros who try to sell one particular type of Fitness program. So you hear things like, "if you don't lift weights you aint working out" or "HIIT hard or Go Home!" A female client walked into my class a few days back, she is overweight and has been trying to lose weight for the past one year. Guess what? She has been lifting weights five times weekly for over a year, yet she is still as big as ever! Sadly, she was put on this type of program by a "Fitpro." I would leave you with this example. Last year while attending my dance training, I noticed how trim, toned and strong my dance instructors were. None of them lifted weights, none did HIIT, but I would pay money for their body any day.

When it comes to Exercise it is certainly not a one size fits all. You need to understand your body type and understand that there are several factors, for example genes, that could determine your end result. Let's not also forget that diet plays an important role too. There may be certain exercise programs that would work better for your body type than others and give you more desirable results than others. If you are new to exercise, you may want to give yourself time to discover what works best for you. Do not get pressured into competing with anothers' progress or distracted by jumping into what the next trend is. 

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