Pregnancy was a beautiful journey for me, thanks be to God! With all the scary tales I had heard from some mothers, God knows I was not looking forward to it, but I am glad to have been blessed with the gift and I enjoyed every stage of my pregnancy. It was not until I became pregnant that I realized that most people do not share their pregnancy moments with friends. It seemed like most women were only willing to share the bad experiences and keep the good experiences to themselves. I mean are women trying to scare other women away from wanting this precious God-given experience? Anyway, I enjoyed mine so much, from the day I received my positive test result, to each Antenatal appointment. Below are my four most precious pregnancy moments:

Baby’s Movement: I believe most women will agree with me on this one. Those kicks, jabs and somersault feelings were certainly the best moments for me. Seeing life move through your stomach was a miracle for me and if I were to be an atheist, those movements alone, are enough to convince me that there is a God!

Growing Bump: This is one of, if not probably the only time in your life when you are proud to have a big stomach. You could care less for washboard abs during this journey. It was great waking up every morning and standing by the mirror to see how big I was.

Antenatal Appointments: I really did look forward to my antenatal dates. I guess maybe it was because I got to see the baby during the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. Whatever it was, I found myself looking forward to my antenatal days like it was my birthday.

Pregnancy Favors: I almost could get away with anything while pregnant. People offered help at the mall, road users gave priority to you, I was offered more food at parties, I was pardoned and permitted to park at "no parking spots" or more convenient spots. I wonder why people can’t be that nice all the time!

Those were my moments, what did you enjoy about your pregnancy? Please share and encourage others.

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