Whenever I feel peckish, I can always trust a banana to get me through to the next meal time. Bananas not only taste good raw, but can be used to make snacks, breads, cakes, etc. If you are like me and hate soggy/overripe bananas, then you most likely throw away overripe bananas.With this easy recipe, you no longer have to thrash your overripe bananas. Its tasty, nutritious and the entire family would love it. 

5 overripe bananas
1 cup corn flour
2 tablespoons egg white
1 teaspoon black pepper


  1. mash bananas in a bowl
  2. add egg whites and whisk until mixture is fairly smooth
  3. add corn flour and stir mixture
  4. stir in black pepper
  5. let mixture sit for five minutes
  6. heat oil in a deep pan
  7. use a deep tablespoon to insert mixture into pan.
  8. fry until golden brown
There you go, now you should feel bad next time you thrash overripe bananas! Do you have other recipes using overripe bananas? Kindly share!

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