Hi there! How are you doing today? Lets dive straight into today's post. The most popular excuse I get from 9 to 5ers is not having time to exercise, and quite frankly I understand. There is little or no respect for employees personal time in Nigeria, so in most work environments, employees may find themselves working longer than 9-5, probably 7am-9pm on a regular basis! This coupled with the Lagos traffic leaves one with no time to do anything else but eat and sleep right?

While this excuse is understandable, but if you are able to find time to watch movies, scroll through instagram, have a drink with the girls/boys, etc, then you do have time to exercise, you just do not have it as a priority. Anyway, I am not here to condemn anyone, but to offer tips to those who truly do not have time. Hopefully these tips would open your eyes to new possible ways to make your workout work!

1. Odd Times: Most 9-5ers tend to workout very early in the mornings before work, or late evenings after work. How about you try lunch time workout? Most gyms are less busy in the afternoons, so you would have access to all the machines. If you do not like gym equipment, you could book one-on-one sessions and have a personal trainer either take you at the gym or come to the office, if you have space. I recommended and started lunch time workout to a client and she is happy to have finally found a way to get some exercise done. We meet three times a week and in our first 3 weeks, she lost 5.3kg, I kid you not! She also noticed her productivity at work had increased. 

2. Corporate Groups: Do you have the power to influence office decisions? Why not put that power to good use by introducing corporate fitness. Get your office to make it a policy for all employees to join the workout. Not only would you get to hit your personal fitness goals but you would be creating a more positive work environment and more productive employees. 

3. Gym Meetings: Are you always in meetings? Try something unconventional by scheduling your next meeting at the gym! Of course be sure of the personality of the other party, but if the nature of the meeting permits, try the gym!

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