Fabila at the 2018 Shape Up Naija Fitness Carnival
So you are passionate about fitness, congratulations!

The fitness industry has become increasingly attractive for people searching for entrepreneurship adventures. With the aid of Instagram and other social apps, people are often  swayed by the huge followings, likes and comments and led to believe that a career in fitness would be a walk in the park.

I resigned from a decent paying 9-5 to go full-time as a fitness instructor. I have no regrets, it's been 6 years of learning and progression. However, I do see people who hurry out of the 9-5 only to hurry back in desperate need of a job!

So before you decide to take that big leap and quit your 9-5, kindly pause and consider the following:

1. Is this a fluke? We humans are fickle minded. One minute we want to go to fashion school, and the next you want to isolate yourself on an island! How long have you been thinking about this? Is it just the next best thing to do because everyone seems to be going in that direction? Or perhaps it looks easier than waking up for a 9-5 daily!

2. Fitness is diverse. Which direction are you going? Do you want to be a personal trainer or a group fitness instructor, a health coach or a nutritionist? What specialties would you teach, Zumba, Pilates, yoga, Crossfit, etc. Knowing which direction you are going would help you with the next point below.

3. Although it may seem less capital intensive, anyone looking to be professional would look to take certifications. Some of these certifications cost over $400 and most of them need to be renewed on a yearly, biannual basis. Most have memberships beyond the certification fee which needs to be paid annually.

4. Are you prepared for the down times and possible lifestyle changes? So you quit your job and then your classes take 6 months or more to fill up. You schedule classes, no one shows up, 9 months down the line and you think, that 9-5 doesn't look so bad After-all! Now you really wish you could earn some salary!

This is not to discourage you but to get you thinking about the decision you are about to make. There will be days the passion in you will not be enough, you need to pay bills and it's money that will pay them. Consider the above carefully and make an informed decision to better prepare yourself.

I wish you a successful fitness career!

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