Pic 1. Nil Hands 80 KG Squats
Who says Nigerians aren't creative? In my article "what's your excuse?" I mentioned that people, no matter how busy they are, would always create time for things they considered important. This article is specifically for those whose reasons for not exercising is because they can't afford gym membership or gym equipment. Below are pictures sent by a friend of mine, who, I would say is a fitness fanatic. As you can see, in the first picture, he is using a barrel made of stones, rusty rods and pipes, In the second picture, he converts his Air conditioner cage to leg supports and in the third picture, he creates dumbbells from rocks and rusty rods. He even uses a friend in the fourth picture to add more weight to his push-ups. 

Pic 2. Upside Down, Straight-Up Hercules Hold
Pic 3. Dips, Biceps, triceps and Neck Muscles
Pic 4. Man On Man Military Press...
There are many other creative ways to exercise at home. You can convert some household items to equipment.

Fill up empty milk jugs or water bottles with sand or water and use for biceps and triceps curls. You can also use a towel for triceps extensions.

If you have a flight of stairs, you can walk up and down several times. This would be a good workout for your glutes and legs.

Turn your bag of rice or beans into weights.

Your dining chairs can be used for triceps dips.

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