Fabila’s Fitness was born out of my love for Health and Fitness. I had not always been health or fitness conscious, mostly because I was quite skinny and did not see any reason to be fitness conscious. I believed that being skinny meant one was healthy and fit. I was introduced into the dance world as early as seven years old. Ballet was my very first technical class and I immediately fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue my classes to attend secondary school (high school). I then went on to the University to study law. While at the University, I surprisingly began to put on weight. In one semester I went up two dress sizes. By the end of my first year, I could not recognize my body: love handles, saggy arms, pot belly you name it. I was not happy at all. 

Fabila at the Zumba Fitness Convention 2014, Orlando, Florida
Although I was a law student, my dream of owning a dance studio and teaching dance was always in view. I did not want people referring to me as “she moves good for a fat girl”. I needed to stay in shape so I could take the opportunity whenever it came. I went through Undergrad, Law School and a Masters degree, all the while fluctuating between a UK sizes 12 to 14. In 2010, I was introduced to Zumba Fitness. I remember smiling all through the class. I knew this was the solution I needed. I could dance and stay fit at the same time. Till date and not only has Zumba Fitness been my solution, but a solution to many. I discovered through Zumba, that there is no one way to Fitness and that achieving your fitness goals does not have to be painful and boring. I have discovered ways to loose and maintain my weight and I am here to share that with you. If you reside in Lagos City, Nigeria, I would be glad to see you in one of my Group Fitness classes, and if you are not able to I can come to you, book a personal session today!

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