Ibifaka BenKalio Akinbinu
Zumba Education Specialist
Every serious zumba fitness enthusiast would be farmiliar with the term "Zumba Education Specialist", popularly shortened "ZES". A ZES is the only person authorized by Zumba Fitness LLC to hold training and certify prospective zumba fitness instructors. For those who believe zumba is a type of dance, Zumba is not a dance genre, but a dance fitness program inspired by Latin and International dance and rhythms. Beyond a dance fitness program, Zumba is an incorporated company with headquarters in Miami, Florida. ZES' work closely with the headquarters, or in some countries were the company runs regional home offices, ZES' liaise with such regional home offices. 

The first step to becoming a Zumba Fitness Instructor is to take the Basic 1 Instructor Training. These training are held in virtually every continent and are run by Zumba Education Specialists. Until December 2017, if you lived in Nigeria and wanted to take this training, you would have had to travel to either South Africa or to Europe or America. All this has changed as Zumba appointed its first Zumba Education Specialist for Nigeria "Ibifaka BenKalio Akinbinu. With this new development, you can now save on huge travel costs and get the same quality training right here in Nigeria!

To become a Zumba Education Specialist, applicants go through an audition process and when chosen, go through a rigorous training program to ensure quality.

Zumba Fitness is undoubtedly the best dance fitness program and the company through its Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN) ensures that its Instructors have continuing education and a rewarding Zumba Fitness career.

Do you think you have what it takes to succeed as a zumba fitness instructor? Go ahead then and Register for a training. You can find Ibifaka's upcoming training by logging unto www.zumba.com and searching for trainings in Nigeria, or just CLICK HERE

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